Conference Theme

India as the world’s largest democracy is almost the third largest economy in real terms. It is the fastest growing country with speedily developing innovative financial system.  India is set to become one of the world’s most important economic forces in the coming decade. We are today at the door of digital era. Through the years, we have witnessed an explosion of social and economic reforms and innovations at all levels in response to the changing global landscape as well as demands of the society.  Recent national-level economic initiatives and financial reforms such as demonetization, the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax  have far-reaching implications.

But still the question lies “Can money ever make you happy”? Most people have an opinion on the answer to this question and are pretty clear about its stance on it. There comes a revolutionary new metric known as “Gross Domestic Happiness”.  Gross Domestic Happiness – also known as Gross National Happiness – is a measure of quality of life and social progress. It is “The essence of the philosophy of Gross National Happiness is the peace and happiness of our people and the security and sovereignty of the nation.”

 This conference will bring together the leading academic and global experts for an in-depth discussion of India’s Mission Happiness and implications for the global economy.

Therefore, the theme of the 6th International Conference is  Theme: “Innovative Research on Science, Humanities, Engineering & Management” (IC-IRSHEM-2020)

Sub-themes of the Conference

General Management

  • Strategies for Innovative Social & Happy Changes
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Economic Reforms and Inclusive Growth
  • Business Policy Reforms for Social Change
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues
  • Innovative Applications in Modelling and Decision Techniques
  • Changing Role of Institutions: Global, National and Local
  • Industrial Sector Reforms and Growth
  • Emerging Trends in Global Economy
  • e-learning through Global Synergy
  • Business Ethics and Spirituality
  • Measurement and Evaluation


  • Social Happy Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Green Marketing and Co-operative Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Rural Marketing: Best Practices and Strategies
  • Innovative Practices in Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

  • Talent Management in Diverse Happy Cultures
  • Strategic HRM & Happiness among Employees
  • HR Analytics and Metrics
  • Social Skills for Change
  • Proactive & Innovative Role of HR


  • Financial Policies and Reforms for Happy Change
  • Emerging Trends in Financial Markets, Products and Services
  • Microfinance and Risk Management
  • Accounting Practices, Standard and Disclosures
  • Corporate Governance
  • Gross Domestic Product Vs. Gross Domestic Happiness
  • Innovative Portfolio Management and Mutual Funds
  • Behavioural Finance (Capital Markets, Trading, and Portfolio Management)

 Information Technology

  • Cyber Laws and Security Concerns
  • IT as a Driver for Social & Happy Changes
  • IT for Good Governance
  • ERP, e-CRM
  • e-Sourcing Capability Model
  • e-Business Model for Management Flexibility
  • e-Commerce and e-Auctions